To improve and enhance the visual appeal of the Palisades, specifically the business community.


Palisades PRIDE was established in March 1992. PRIDE founders followed the example set by the original Village Green volunteers who had taken on the physical and financial burden of converting a gas station into a charming, inviting retreat.

PRIDE’s purpose is equally ambitious: consolidate all other village beautification efforts under the aegis of a single organization. This would provide more of a fundraising flexibility and clout to enable individuals, or independently formed ad hoc groups, to plan, finance, execute and maintain specific projects.

PRIDE’s accomplishments are diverse and, in many cases, subtle. “Eyesores” such as garish rooftop signs dating back to the ’40s and ’50s have been all but eliminated. Tacky advertising benches at bus stops in and around town are being swapped for new, more decorative and comfortable benches designed of stone and/or metal slats. Streamlined trash containers are replacing the concrete monstrosities, and the Village now boasts nearly two dozen new trees and more than a dozen turn-of-the-century antique-style lampposts festooned with colorful hanging flower baskets.

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